Sunday, 7 April 2013

We're not really that different after all

So the bonding and learning process continues in all it's glory and in all honest I really don't think we are in a position to complain.  Little One is doing a great job and has met so many people and seems to be taking it all in and in her stride.  In fact, yesterday, quite randomly and out of nowhere she began to reel off a list on names of people she'd met.  It was bizarre to see great to know that she equates these people with her new life.

One of the main concerns when Little One came to stay was about how we'd cope.  Would this be a 'normal' existence for a child?  Would she have problems settling because the balance was wrong? In her previous placement she had a foster mother and father, how would she cope with two dads?
Since she arrived things have always seemed to be going well and we have received great support and compliments from friend but , I suppose, as a new parent you will have that element of doubt until your great epiphany appears.  I don't think my doubt is ready to depart just yet but we did have an epiphany whilst out at lunch today.

A couple with a young girl, probably only slightly younger than Little One, sat at the table next to us.  Their conversation was almost identical to the conversations we have with Little One most days.  The battle to go to the toilet, the sitting correctly in your seat, the 'please don't scream', the excitement when deciding what we're going to eat and the generally funny things they say.  It made us realise that everything is normal.  Ok, we may not be the '2.4 kids' type of family but Little One is loved and happy and growing and developing just like any other 'normal' (I use the word very lightly) child.  What can be better than that. Lots of kids grow up with lots of different circumstance but what is important is that their parents, in whatever form or combination they come in, love, protect and cherish them.  That's what Little One is getting.

In two weeks time we have our 3 month review and will complete our application to legally become Little One's parents.  Onwards and upwards to that happy day.