Friday, 14 June 2013

Where did the time go?

I can't believe that two months have passed since my last post.  In the scheme of things I doesn't seem like a long time but when you think about it lots has happened.  Let me try to recap...

We had our three month review and as expected it went really well.  Everyone involved was more than happy with Little One's progress and with the placement in general so the decision was made (although Daddy and I had long since come to the conclusion without the need of a panel) that we should go ahead and send off our adoption application.  We did so in the first week of May and felt relieved once it had gone off.  However, 3 and a half weeks letter we had a call from the courts saying that information was missing and no payment was included.  This was due to a 'miss-communication' and as we were away at the time we were unable to do anything to fix the situation.  I rectified the issues on our return but what on earth took 3 weeks???  If it takes that long to open an envelope I hate to think how long it will take to get a court date!!

Little one also had her first meeting with her foster carers and their family.  I must say that I went into it filled with fear, resentment and anxiety and probably a few more emotions thrown in.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and as testament to the bonding and attachment that has happened between us and Little One.  I thought that she would be really upset when they left but after causally waving them off we continued to play as a family.  Later on that evening Little One was flicking through a book of photos her foster family had left for her.  She enjoyed the photos and talking us through what she say in each one but she never cried, never got upset and remained her happy little self.  I can't tell you how relieved we both were.  We haven't had any contact since but I'm sure we will at some point.

We also took a trip to Ireland to introduce Little One to her new Irish family.  She is such a sociable child and didn't have any problems interacting with anyone in the family.  She definitely left her mark!!  

She is making some firm friendships both at pre-school and where we live.  We even had an 'at home play-date' recently with one of the girls from pre-school.  For her it was fine, just the chance to play more, for me though it was quite a random experience.  I even baked cupcakes.  I think I becoming one of the pre-school mums!

Little One also had her first theatre experience and amazingly it was to see me on stage.  I was a little unsure that she'd managed to sit through the show but every time I went out on stage I could see her in the distance and every now and then heard "That's my Dad!".  She still talks about it.  I'm currently in rehearsals for another show and whenever I leave to go to rehearsal she says "I wanna come 'hearsals with you".  ALways makes me smile.

We have another visit from our social worker this afternoon and are going to our first 'adopters picnic' tomorrow ahead of our first Father's Day.  Onwards and upwards!