Monday, 14 April 2014

This journey ends, a new one begins

Well, it's been 10 months since my last post but I always knew that my next post would be the finale for this blog.
When I started writing it was for two reason:
1) To document the process we were going through due to my memory not being the greatest.  I tend to remember things but not in any particular order or in great detail, so this was going to be reminder of all the ups and downs; and
2) As a keep sake for the child that we hoped would one day be ours.

As the writing process continued it became clear that people enjoyed reading my blog and following our journey and for that I am very grateful.  It also brought a sense of hope and of different understanding to many people and it was great to see that my ramblings about our journey were helping others in a similar situation.

We were very lucky to be placed with such an amazing child who brings us joy, laughter, fun, frustration, worry and cuddles in equal measure.  It was partly due to her nature that we settled down to being a family so quickly and that is where, for me, this blog seemed to become less relevant.  Thankfully we were no longer on a journey to becoming two Dads, we WERE / ARE two dads.
I started to feel that the things we were experiencing were the things that all families faced.  I would discuss  things with my friends and they would have had the same experiences.  And then following the momentous day when we no longer had Social Worker involvement, we really were a 'proper' family.

So I thought I'd just do a quick round up of the last 10 months since my last post.

July 2013 - Quite a big month.  Not only did we move away from our friends to an area where we would be totally starting a fresh, but we also had out court hearing where Little One became official adopted.  To see the adoption papers with our names as parents and her full new name was quite something.

August 2013 - I went back to work and became a 'working parent'.  It was great to see that excitement when I got home which I'd only ever really seem Little One give to Daddy.  It's lovely having those little arms flung around you as you come home from a tiring day at the office.

September 2013 - After the long school Summer Holiday break, Little One started a new nursery instantly claiming it as her own and ruling the roost.  She has no problems fitting in to new situations which is a great trait to have.  She also has no issue telling every one she had two dads!

October 2013 - Little One's 4th birthday and first with us.  We may have gone a little overboard on presents but I think it was only to be expected!!!  We had a bouncy castle in the gardens and lots of friends and relatives over.  It was such a fun day but I think we were more knackered than she was.

December 2013 - Our first Christmas as a family.  It seemed pretty hard to believe that only a year
ago we'd met her for the first time and that on Christmas 2012 we weren't even together, all we had was a FaceTime phone call.  But this year it was all different.  We were together, in Ireland, with the family and couldn't have wished for more.  We did go overboard on the presents again, but it won't happen again next year!! (I can't confirm I will keep that as a promise)

January 2014 - I was lucky enough to be in yet another show, this time a Pantomime in which I played the King.  My entrance was a dark and quiet moment when I paced the stage looking pensive. The moment was shattered by Little One screaming "That's my Dad" and "Hello Dad!".  I'm pretty sure I even heard "Why is Dad not saying hello?".  Needless to say it was a bit of a scene-stealing and at the end of the show whilst catching up with friend the message was always the same, "You were good, but your daughter was so funny, and she's so gorgeous". I think she'll be stealing many more scenes in years to come.

February 2014 - Finally!!! Her passport has arrived.  I did get emotional just holding it in my hand.  Seeing her little face and new name on this official document made me feel proud.  Is that weird??

March 2014 - Daddy and Little One have their first trip to Ireland without me.  I did think a week by myself would be a relaxing spiritual experience but the silence was deafening.  I missed her (and Daddy) terribly.  It was also Little One's first time on a plane which I missed.  By all accounts she handled it the way she handles everything, so no worries there.  In July we'll be going on our first proper holiday as a family, two weeks in a Cyprus villa with friends.  Can't wait.

And that brings us to the present day and the close of this blog.  Thank you to all those who have read, commented, shared and sent best wishes.  If you're going through the journey yourself I wish you all the joy we had.

And lastly to Little One.  You have made the whole journey worthwhile.  You have surpassed our expectations of the child we would one day call our daughter.  I hope that whenever you read this you will know how much we wanted you and how much we loved you from the moment we first meet on 19th December 2012.  That's one of those dates that I for one will never forget.  I'm sure we'll have our ups and downs, after all, we are a 'normal' family but you'll always be our Little One and we will always be your FOREVER FAMILY. xxx

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  1. Well done you.
    A few months ago, inspired also by your blog, I picked up the baton and started our own. So your blog doesn't finish here, it just gets passed on to future generations of two dads :)
    The same, I hope, will happen to us one day.